Clean and optimize your PC, fix registry errors, delete junk files and more, with HDCleaner

HDCleaner is a free and powerful program that lets you take care of the health of your PC by fixing registry errors, cleaning unneeded files, uninstalling apps, performing backup operations, even encrypting sensitive data and shredding files.

As you may know you can find a lot of free PC optimizers, but it’s difficult to find one so powerful, reliable and complete, as HDCleaner.

I must say that the first that impressed me in HDCleaner is that it did not make any changes to my system without asking, such as adding context menu entries, etc. It won’t even check for updates if you won’t say so at the program’s options.

HDCleaner distributes its functions in nine sections, a dashboard that features an overview of everything, a cleaning section, a Shredder, the System section for system recovery and detailed system info, an HDD section, Tools (encryption, splitter, etc), a Registry section, Monitoring (to notify you whenever your system needs optimization), and a Backup Center.

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