Thunderbird menu and timer to empty spam and trash folders easily

Unfortunately Thunderbird so far won’t provide a menu to empty your Spam / Junk folders, only to delete junk if it is marked as junk, although most of the times even in the Junk folders messages are not marked as junk!

This means that each time you’d like to empty these folders you’d have to select all messages and delete them or right click the folder and select the Empty command. Not that convenient.

Xpunge is free and it solves this problem. You can use its sub-menu in Thunderbird’s “Tools” (even with the shortcut Alt + T > x > x > Enter) to empty immediately all your Junk / Spam and Trash folders in any account(s) you define in its preferences.

Another nice feature is that you don’t even need to do this yourself; just activate Xpunge’s timer and let it automatically empty all or any of you Junk and / or Trash folders every 30 minutes, etc. Note of course that in this case you won’t have a chance to browse your folders and make sure they don’t contain messages you may need.

Download Xpunge