Configure Notepad Plus Plus to use a smaller print font

Notepad++ uses the same font size to display and print, which is not convenient, because in most cases we need a larger font to read on screen and a smaller one to print. Unfortunately Notepad++ won’t allow this! A most easy solution would be to select a font that prints well, then use the Notepad’s Zoom function to view it larger on screen. This is the solution I follow.

Another solution would be to change print font size using a script. You need first to install the NppExec plugin. Go to menu Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager. Select NppExec and click Install. Restart Notepad++ to enable the plugin. To reduce the size of your printing font, go to Plugins > NppExec > Execute, and type these lines:

 SCI_SENDMSG 2146 -2

-2 tells Notepad++ to reduce the scale by 2 levels. You can try -3 or -4 if you want to use an even smaller font. Click “Save…”, give whatever name you like and click OK. To make this change permanent, go to menu Plugins > NppExec > Advanced Options…, then to “Execute this script when Notepad++ starts“. Select your script and press “OK“.