Organize your journeys or just visualize and store GPS recordings of past trips, with QMapShack

If you are the outdoors type and you like to organize your expeditions QMapShack is a free program that can help you a lot. Most probably QMapShack’s interface won’t excite you, but the program is powerful and easy to use.

Even its simple archiving abilities are very useful, not only if you wish to recall a past journey but especially if you’d like to make it again or to help someone else follow the same plan.

Of course, your first move after you install QMapShack would be to load all necessary maps. Note that you can edit any part of your journey just by right clicking anywhere on the map. Note also that the program supports TwoNav and Gamin, expanding your selection of maps and letting you work even with maps available on line.

Other useful features include slope and hill marking, editing of multiple maps simultaneously. You can edit your tracks, add, remove, modify your routes, even use MapQuest or Routino to find distances. QMapShack is a well made, reliable, efficient and useful program you will appreciate if you like to organize your trips.

Download QMapShack