Fix Android wallpapers that suddenly are zoomed in, despite having the right dimensions

I was going crazy, I couldn’t stand it, having all those nice wallpapers in the exact size of my Xiaomi phone‘s screen, being unable to enjoy them. Whatever wallpaper I used, it appeared perfect for a few moments, then suddenly a system zoom attacked and a great part of my image disappeared! Icons, letter, everything else remained the same but the wallpaper was unnecessarily enlarged. As you can guess I tried changing a lot of system settings to find out a possible cause. I even changed my launcher only to find out that the default system launcher performed an even greater unnecessary magnification of my wallpapers!

Next solution would be to find out wallpaper apps, in case some of them was able to handle wallpapers normally. I tried a lot of apps and all of them defined a wallpaper just fine, but after it was setup, a few moments again were enough for that zoom in to occur and destroy my peace. Until I found the right app!

Perhaps there exist other apps too that solve this problem but this changer is the only one I found and it works perfectly. I just use this app instead of the gallery or anything else to define a wallpaper I like or select folders and individual pictures for a slide show, in which case the app lets you even change wallpaper not after a time interval but rotating the phone, upon lock unlock, etc. It even includes a widget to let you tap and change wall. Just make sure at the settings to put a check mark (activate) the option “Fix image (no scroll)”.

The link I’m giving you opens Google Play where you can read more and install the app, which of course is free supported by some ads in its settings. If you are a sufferer like me, you are going to find again your peace and enjoy!

Download SB Wallpaper Changer