Create 3D-like shapes with plenty of controls, yet easily, using Gloodle

Gloodle is a free program that will help you draw using 3D shapes to create 2D images with a lot of richness, complexity, and depth.

It is a simple app: you just draw on the window and cool things happen. Not much thinking required.

There are plenty of controls to experiment with, and a lot of power hidden under simple controls.

You can create interesting organic images with Gloodle, featuring Several symmetry options, including polar symmetry, The ability to import an image and “gloodle-ize” it, Create a “pattern” out of a drawing, then draw with that pattern (can create some very intricate images!), Add shading to a drawing (or portion of a drawing) to simulate depth, or use Chromadepth coloring (if you have the right 3D glasses!), Import your own shape images to draw with.