Dynamically resize and arrange windows on screen, even with exceptions, using Desklayer

Desklayer wants to simplify the desktop experience and order windows on the desktop, in case you want them ordered.

Desklayer allows you to move windows across all positions and arrange dynamically the windows size and layout. Desklayer will re-arrange the layout following changes of a window’s size.


Border Layout and Grid Layout (Java-like) for windows arrangement; Dynamic resizing of windows to exploit all the possible space on the desktop; Dynamic re-arrangement after windows events (close window, add window, minimize window, maximize window..; 

Add and move windows from and to all the sides of the layout (in border layout mode); Exclusion of windows associated with selected executables; Assignment of custom dimensions to the sides of the layout (border layout only); Automatic arrangement of all visible windows on desktop; Restore windows to the positions they had before you applied Desklayer’s layout.