Edit docx, doc and rtf documents with Atlantis free Word Processor

I’m never tired of trying free Word Processors, hoping to find a real alternative to Microsoft Word. Atlantis Nova is inspired by Word and it even saves its documents only as doc(x) and rtf. However, the first impression one gets after installing it, is that it may be described as a poor man’s version of Word. This impression proves permanent.

The interface is just outdated; I don’t underestimate how much the interface can influence the way we work, but there more crucial problems, such as lack of customization of the toolbars. I must admit though that the functions are so few that toolbars may not even need to be customized really.

Of course you can format text, paragraphs, etc, even have spell checking in several languages (hyphenation in fewer), but that’s it! If you are spoiled enough to require several document views, indexes, etc., Atlantis won’t help you.

Even in the area of free Word Processors you can enjoy programs better than Atlantis, but of course there is no base for a comparison with MS Word.

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