Upload and convert PDF files to MS Word documents On Line

So, you have this great PDF file and you are not able to convert it to a Word document? This free On Line service can do it.

The whole process is as simple as uploading a file and waiting for it to be converted. When the conversion is done, you are presented with a link to click and download your Word document.

Note that there is a different utility that lets you convert Scanned PDF files to Word, that is, PDF documents created with scanned images that need OCR to be converted to text. I must say that this utility didn’t work for me. I was not able to upload a fairly small PDF document (15 MB) and when I managed to upload a smaller one (3 MB) the utility was not able to convert it. However, this may be fixed in the future, so, if you need to convert scanned PDFs to Word, just try it and see if it works for you.

Especially if you have a PDF document containing text and not scanned images-of-text, this On Line free service will do a great job converting it to a Word document. A commercial program offered on the same page is able to make also batch conversions, and more.

Enjoy PDF Converter