Share screen and data between your PC and a Samsung phone or tablet, using SideSync

SideSync is a free program that connects a PC and a Samsung smartphone or tablet to let you share screen and data, receive phone alerts and enjoy a lot of your phone’s functions in your PC. You mobile’s screen is mirrored in your PC, in a way that lets you use PC mouse and keyboard to perform operations and use apps in your mobile.

After you install SideySync on both your mobile and your PC, a simple USB cable or WiFi is all you need to have your devices connected, this way starting to get call notifications and enjoy a communication with phone apps, send and receive SMS, etc.

With SideSync a simple drag & drop operation is enough to exchange files between your PC and your phone or tablet, use photos from your phone in Microsoft Office immediately, copy files to your phone from your PC, simultaneously sending SMS or mail messages even with attachments!

Of course connecting your phone with your PC this way, you can also play in your PC games that are available only for your phone. SideSync is a program you’d like to check if you have a Samsung phone and / or tablet.

Download SideSync