Control your PC with mouse gestures, using MouseWrangler

MouseWrangler is a free utility that will let you control your computer with mouse gestures. It monitors mouse move while Right-Click is held; when a set of movements is made, called a “gesture”, an action is performed.

MouseWrangler can simulate keystrokes, or run programs and files, automating common Windows tasks like closing programs, minimizing windows, saving files, etc. For more complex actions, MouseWrangler can also be used to trigger external macro programs.

Features: Detects normal Up, Down, Left, and Right directions * Optionally detects diagonal movements * Single and multiple keystroke emulation * Program and file execution * Optional Suggestion popup, Help popup, Scratchpad, and Auto-correction * Highly configurable

Pressing ScrollLock will let you disable MouseWrangler. Unfortunately you cannot customize this key, so that if you use it already with some other program you may not be able to use MouseWrangler. It’s unfortunate for such a nice utility to have this crucial limitation.