Finally a free and working Gestures extension for Google Chrome

Being used to Firefox gesture addons that work so well, it was a great surprise to find out as I was trying one after another that most of Chrome’s Gesture extensions are defective, especially regarding the so called “super drag”, when you drag a link to open it in a new tab, etc. I won’t mention here extensions that won’t work, because a future version may correct their problems; I will just present the one extension that works surprisingly fine.

It is called miniGestures Reloaded, it is easy to configure, simple and, most important, functioning without problems. If you have in mind those lengthy settings pages of other addons, forget about them. miniGestures provides a single and short settings page that will let you define everything and more of what you may like to use, including rocker gesture functionality.

When you install the addon on Chrome open its options and configure the gestures that you need (nothing is default). Personally I use the link drag to new tab, current tab close, switch to next and previous tab, and scroll to top and bottom of a page. That’s all I want so far, but the extension provides more.

If you are searching for Gestures in Chrome, don’t be disappointed because this extension may prove exactly what you need. Install and enjoy!

Install miniGestures Reloaded for Chrome