Keep a window on top, minimize it to the tray, resize it, and more, with SmartSystemMenu

SmartSystemMenu is a free, light and portable application you can use if you need some control over your open windows. The program is also discreet, it opens minimized on the tray where you can find the options of exiting and letting it start with Windows.

When it runs SmartSystemMenu adds some functions at the title bar menu, the menu that open when you press Alt+Spacebar or when you click an application’s icon at the top left corner of a window.

Using these new menu items you can have information on the current window (handle, caption, style, class, process name and id, process path), you can “lock” this window always On Top of all other windows, Take a screenshot of this particular window to save it as an image on your disk, Resize the window, Align it in several positions on your desktop, Change its transparency or priority, even minimize it to the system tray.

If you need some of these functions, SmartSystemMenu is a free and efficient program you may like to try.

Download SmartSystemMenu