Download CloneApp to save and restore the settings of your applications

What if you want to save and transfer or just keep for safety reasons the options of Microsoft Word or other Office applications, the options of Photoshop, Audacity, Video Converter, eMule, Image Viewer, Foobar, Picasa, and so many applications you may use having devoted a lot of time to configure them?

CloneApp is a small portable utility that will help you backup and restore the options of several Windows applications – directories, profile folders, registry information…

CloneApp can be very helpful when you want to keep and transfer Windows and program settings when you reinstall Windows or just to have a backup.

Instead of completely backing up all files of a program or of a complete partition, disc etc., CloneApp will export only configuration data of an application from Windows directories and the registry. This is done quickly, it saves a lot of space, it can be repeated easily when you need to refresh this information.

You should be running CloneApp always with Administrator rights. You can still use it as a normal or restricted user, but Windows may prevent you from copying certain files.

To start a Backup process click on the left Navigation Icon Clone.

Choose the Apps you want to back up by selecting their check boxes.

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