Search and Replase in MP3 tags to correct, fine tune, get rid of unnecessary information

Most of the times tagged MP3 files need no changes at all, yet occasionally some tags contain information that shouldn’t be there. For example, in the title of a track useless declarations can be found, such as this one I saw recently: (converted from flac to 320k). Why should I want in the title to see for each track that it was converted from flac, etc.?

It is easy to get rid of any information that is repeated in your tags, domain names, whatever you like, with the MP3Tag freeware, a program that normally finds automatically and creates tags, even renames MP3s according to tag information.

To search and replace inside your tags, open in MP3Tag the folders with the MP3 files you need to edit, select the files, and go to the “Actions” main menu, then to “Actions” sub-menu (or press Alt+6). Press the Starred Document icon at the right to create a new Action. Give your new action a name, e.g. Replace Garb, and press OK. Then press again the Starred Document icon to define the Replace Action.

At the “Select Action Type” menu choose “Replace” and press OK, then at the “Field” box write the tag you need to be searched, e.g. TITLE. In the “Original” box type the word(s) you need searched, e.g. etc., and finally in the “Replace With” box write the words that will be put in the place of those in the “Original” box, or leave it empty if you just need useless information to be removed from the tags. Press the OK button. Then again OK. Select your newly defined action at the list, and press again OK to run it. All selected files are searched and the offending words are replaced. Enjoy!