A great modern theme for Thunderbird, with borders erased

What a stubborn piece of software Thunderbird is when it comes to aesthetics! I was desperate trying to change it completely, give it a modern Windows 10 look.

Finally a solution appeared in a style created by Chris, which I modified and present right here: borders erased, scrollbars faded, white everywhere, empty space, air, openness, pleasant colors and an entirely unusual font give a final touch to this theme, which you can download and try right now! After all, it is absolutely free.

To install it, first install the font included in the package, by right clicking on it and selecting the “Install” option. Then go to YourSystemDrive\Users\YourWindowsAccount\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\

Enter the default profile and continue to the \chrome\ folder. If you find there a userChrome.css file, create a copy of it and save it anywhere you like. Then download Thunder Theme and place it in the \chrome\ folder with the same name: “userChrome.css”

Restart Thunderbird, and enjoy!

Download TheFreeWindows Thunder Theme