Batch adjust, normalize, MP3 or WAV volume, even split your files, with LASTAR

LASTAR is a free program you can use to adjust the volume of MP3 and WAV files, to normalize them in batch mode if you create a compilation of tracks coming from several albums. LASTAR can also help you split your files.

The program lets you drag and drop the audio files and folders you need to modify. The program features a multi-band limiter, an Automatic Gain Control, an automated 10 bands equalizer, a classic 3 bands semi-parametric equalizer, a noise gate, a trimming function, user preset management.

LASTAR may seem somehow complicated if you are not familiar with audio editing, but it includes documentation that can help. A feature that is missing from other normalizers is the program’s ability to use an equalizer to change sound quality.

Since the program is free, just get it and play with it for a while to see if it helps you do your job.

Download LASTAR