Junior Hangman Guess-A-Word game for kids, with speech synthesizer and no hangings

Junior is a free game based on the popular Hangman game, featuring a speech synthesizer and removal of all the references to hanging people, as it aims at pre-schoolers. In Junior you have to stop all the animals from escaping.

Just like in Hangman, the player has to click on letters to guess a word, but this time there appears a picture of the word to be guessed, and the computer pronounces the word and each guessed letter, in order to improve kids’ spelling abilities.

If you can teach your kid to point and click a mouse, Junior will help them read and write better. If they struggle with the neccessary hand eye co-ordination to use a mouse, try them on a touchscreen. Junior and a touchscreen requires practically no adult interaction, leaving you free to do whatever you want as your pre-school toddler learns to read and write.

Seven data files are included in this free distribution with full instructions in the help file on how to adapt and / or create your own.