Bind several PDF files together in a single PDF, with Ultra PDF Merger

Ultra PDF Merger is a free, very convenient and nicely designed utility that will help you create a single PDF file by binding several PDF files together. Ultra PDF Merger requires the .NET Framework.

According to the author Ultra PDF Merger is more efficient than similar PDF joiners (“I have searched the internet and I have found several PDF binders, mergers and joiners… Ultra PDF Merger succeeds when others have failed.”)

To merge your PDF files, use the Add button (+ sign), change the order of files by selecting a file and moving it with the Move Up and Move Down buttons. To remove a file, select it and press the Remove (x) button. When you have all the files in the correct order, press the Merge button and the program will join the files into a single one.

Ultra PDF Merger joins only PDF files that are not locked or password protected.

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