Download 7-PDF Maker, to edit tagged and bookmarked PDF files

7-PDF Maker is a free PDF Creator with an integrated Windows-Explorer AddOn and Command Line support. It will let you create comfortable conversions from various documents to PDF and PDF /A-1. The difference beetween other pdf software is the native support of many files and images formats with no need of any other third party software, tagged pdf files, exporting of notes to PDF, exporting of bookmarks to PDF.

No pdf printer, additional addon software, ghostscript etc. are required on your pc. You can convert a docx-file to PDF without even a local installed Office 2007. 7-PDF Maker supports 84 different file formats like “Microsoft Office (incl. 2007), “”, “StarOffice” documents and the new OpenDocument standard, different images formats and many more.

The “Tagged PDF” option produces a text document that is tagged, readable by screen readers for the disabled. “Export Notes”, includes the notes on the document in the PDF while exporting. This feature can be interesting in converting powerpoint documents. If you have some notes stored in the presentation, then you have the possibility to convert them, and integrate them inside the new generated PDF file.

“Export Bookmarks” makes it possible to transfer your “Table of contents” inside your documents to PDF, in order to navigate inside your generated pdf file. PDF/A-1 is the new PDF format standard for long-term preservation. If you select to install “Windows-Explorer Integration“, a context menu „7-PDF“ entry inside the Windows-Explorer context menu will be added, to let you directly convert selected files to PDF.

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