Convert PDF, extract or delete parts, merge, split, rotate, crop, with PDF Shaper Free

PDF Shaper Free is a free utility (a commercial version with more features is also available) that lets you edit your PDF files in some common ways, such as extracting parts of them, texts and images, rotate or crop pages, merge PDF documents or split a PDF document, convert PDFs to RTF, plain text or to a series of images, delete text and images.

PDF has become a common format and sometimes we need to perform some basic actions on them, delete some text, export some images, crop some pages, split or merge our documents, etc.

The best program to edit PDF is of course Adobe Acrobat, which is heavy and expensive, even including functions we don’t need that often. For basic manipulation of our PDF documents PDF Shaper Free can be very helpful.

PDF Shaper Free is easy to use and features a pleasant enough interface. A nice option is batch mode that lets you perform the same action to multiple PDF documents.

Download PDF Shaper Free