Take notes in categories, even with encryption and rich text, using AllNotes

Allnotes is a notes keeper that can also make secure notes. The notes are stored in one text file, and organized into categories and notes. Allnotes is easy-to-use, featuring search and tabs.

Possible uses: notes keeper, notes organizer, store source code snippets, store your ideas, home info, study notes, credit card numbers, login codes, secure private notes, password keeper, bank account information, logins and passwords, website pages ascii text.

Features: Make/edit/rename/delete notes, import text by copy/paste actions, also from Word,Excel. – Notes are organized in categories and notes. – All notes are stored into one or more subject files, they can be placed on usb-stick. – Tabbed pages when using multiple subject-files.

Add secure notes with encryption and a password. – Each note is saved with a datestamp, see status line. – When the program is closed, all settings are memorized, such as the cursor position. – Uses rich text with two direct selectable fonts, bold, underline, colors. – Search the subject file for a specific text or search/replace a text in the opened note.

Download Allnotes