Play on your PC Classic Sonic Games such as Snowboarding, Mario, Tetris or Ultimate Sonic

Sonic Games is a free PC emulator that will let you enjoy on your PC some classic Sonic Games: 3D Snowboarding, Character Designer, Lost in Mario World, Packman, Tetris, Sonica, and Ultimate Sonic

There is nothing to install, the program is portable, just download and run it to enjoy the games.

Controls are not the same for all games. Select the game you’d like to play from the drop down menu at the left top corner: the game loads explaining also its particular controls.

For 3D Snowboarding just press the spacebar when you are far up the ramp. For Character Designer use the mouse to navigate through the menus. For Lost in Mario World use the mouse to skim through the text. Move with the arrow keys. Press A to jump and press Z to throw a mushroom. For Pacman, use the arrow keys to move. For Tetris use the mouse at the menu and use the arrow keys to move the bloxs. For Sonica use the arrow keys to move and press the spacebar to jump. Avoid getting hit by enemies! For Ultimate Sonic, move with the arrow keys and use the spacebar to jump. Hold down and then press the spacebar to do the spindash.

Download Sonic Games