How to avoid blank pages in WordPress after Better WP Security removal

Better WP Security is an interesting plugin for WordPress, powerful, but also dangerous. I’m not convinced that the plugin will not influence the traffic of a blog for the worse. Anyway, if for any reason you decide to remove it, you may face strange problems.

If Better WP Security is removed, and you can not even login to your blog, because there is a blank page instead of the page that includes the Login form, most probably the plugin did not manage to remove itself successfully from the Config file of your blog.

To solve this, you need to have access to the system files of your blog, using an FTP client or a file manager provided at the control panel of your hosting account. Locate and open the file wp-config.php at the root of your blog. Check if Better WP Security left some of its settings there and delete them. Since you deactivated the plugin normally all of its settings are gone. However, if your admin pages come out blank, make sure there are no extra, blank, lines after the end of the file’s content. The content ends with the php code: ?>

Take care to leave nothing, not a single empty space, after the final ?>, because there lies the reason of blank admin pages, after the deletion of Better WP Security. Since your are there, check also the top of the file, and if by chance you find also there empty spaces, delete them, any empty space before the initial <? should be removed.