HP USB Premium Keyboard, a heaven for writers and coders

Gamers have an easier choice, they need to just select the right type of mechanical keys and decide if they need extras such as backlighting, a quality build, macro / programmable keys, etc.

For those of us who use a keyboard mainly to type texts, code etc., finding the right machine can be an adventure, and a costly one at that, having to change all those keyboards after we understand they are not what we really wanted. To avoid losing unnecessarily your money and time, first of all make sure you understand your needs.

HP USB Premium Keyboard, the one that I have right now, a choice I didn’t expect to be so delightful, provides all the features I wanted, it is really silent, it has quality scissor switches that are soft and reliable, and resemble those of expensive laptops, it is connected with a USB cord (there is a wireless version, but I prefer keyboards with a cord), it has aluminum panel (although painted black) and a great quality build. It is really a premium keyboard, but costing less than half compared with other possible choices, such as the Microsoft Surface and Surface Ergonomic Keyboards.

HP USB Premium Keyboard is a beauty and it gives pure joy typing on it, provided of course you don’t need to hit hard the keys (you’ll hurt your fingers if you do that with this keyboard) and you don’t mind your keyboard being heavy! It’s the heaviest keyboard I have used!