Download Lingoversity, to exercise your vocabulary

Lingoversity is a free program that will help you increase your vocabulary.

You can use Lingoversity to create a voice supported personal glossary as a reference source, practice your vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation with the aid of your favorite audio podcasts.

Features: Built-in access to 2700 online dictionaries; supported translation between 970 language pairs; Google Translate access; full Unicode support for numerous languages; online supported voices (currently for English, Spanish, French and German); no voice engine needed for using online supported voices; installed SAPI voice support; building personal, searchable glossary; handy workbook for translation projects; glossary lookup and Google Translate assistance for translations;

Clearly organized collection of notes; built-in podcast player; lyrics viewer and id3 tag display for podcasts; memorizing process with audio support; glossary export and import in xml format; glossary transfer interface for external applications; backup service to prevent data loss; very low memory footprint in idle state; automatic software update and Lingoversity news.

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