Learn any vocabulary and drill in random or bidirectional order with pfQuizzz

pfQuizzz is a free program that will help you to learn a vocabulary.

The program features a simple interface and it takes advantage of shareable vocabularies in simple text, in Unicode format, proper for any language. Although it is made for learning a language, you can easily use it a trainer for any Question-Hint-Answer learning process. The program is not limited to single words, you can also use short phrases.

pfQuizzz can join several vocabularies to a single training unit and is smart enough to repeat words you seem less able to learn, until you have practiced enough and learned them. It allows random order and bidirectional practice. pfQuizzz provides statistics that will help you monitor your progress.

A visitor of who wanted such a program for practicing Greek, writes:

“It has the same basic features as Interlex. A bit slower, but it definitely works with at least one of the Greek unicode fonts that I have. – Anyone who tries to type Greek needs to reverse the question-answer order in the options menu of the program, and then select Hellenic keyboard layout under regional > language options of their computer. A tutorial for activating diacritic-polytonic with keystrokes marks will be necessary, also. – Whenever you create a new file within the program, you must save over it – by the same name, not a separate file – otherwise you will create notepad files in the program’s data folder which will not be recognized by it. ”