Exercise your imagination and attention, with Slimes arcade game

Slimes is a well designed arcade game in which you have to guide a group of slimes in each level to the exit using various tools, and your imagination and attention.

Mouse: Scrolling around controls the cursor -Left Clicking selects tools from the bottom of the screen and always uses the tools in the middle area of the xcreen.

Keyboard: The arrow keys Control your menu selections -Space bar both selects items in a menu and moves the game forward when needed. -ESC can be used while playing to both leave menus and to bring up the main menu. -In the main menu you will find an option for volume control and an option to save and exit.

After completing the game, the option to make your own levels with a “level creator” will appear in the start menu. After making and saving a level in the level creator, this “Custom” level will be offered in the level select menu.