Transfer WordPress sites to new servers fast and safely

__Installing WordPress manually

Most providers offer automatic installation of WordPress (fantastico, etc), but a manual installation is easy too.

First create a database and a user (write down the DB name and the DB user name and password, because you will need them again).

Upload and unzip the latest version of WordPress using the File Manager of your provider or an FTP client, then access your blog using its alias address (this usually is in the form of

Follow the instructions of the WordPress system to create a wp-config file and complete the installation. In this step you need to give the name of the database you created, its user and DB password.

When you create the first administrator of your blog, you may use any username and password, since this will change when you import your database.

— Now that the WordPress core system is installed in the new server, login to your dashboard and delete the default WordPress plugins. There is no point in doing anything else, since any other change will be replaced when you import your database.