If desktop colors are brighter and saturated after playing a video

I was surprised the other day after I played a YouTube video noticing that desktop colors, some of them, had become bright, bold and saturated. In particular red, green and blue were so changed!

Checking the Control Panel of my (AMD) graphics card I didn’t find anything that fixed this problem. I was frustrated! The only solution that I found was to turn off my monitor and then turn it on again. Colors became normal, but I didn’t want to turn off my monitor each time I happened to view a video!

Then I thought to check the settings of the monitor itself. I use a Dell U2713H, which (like most monitors I guess) includes an option of “enhancing” video play! I disabled this and now colors remain natural in desktop applications and I still can enhance video performance, but now using the player itself.

If you face the same problem, don’t forget to check those monitor settings!