Save or transfer MS Word Quick Access toolbar to a new Office installation easily

You may have been using in MS Word a Quick Access toolbar that needed a lot of time to be created, updated, changed, until it reached a form that finally serves you best.

Now that you installed Office in a different PC or you reinstalled Windows and Office in the same PC, or in similar cases, what can you do to avoid creating a new Quick Access toolbar? You don’t even remember what exactly functions your previous toolbar included, or what you did all that time that you added and removed functions.

Word’s Quick Access toolbar provides export and import options, but what if you have forgotten to export your settings?

No need to be disappointed, if you have access to your previous installation, if it is on a different PC or even in a browsable system images such as those you can create with Aomei Backupper. (Never move to a new PC or a new installation without having a backup of your previous system). Go to \Users\YourAccount\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office, copy the file Word.officeUI and paste it in the similar address of your current system. Restart Word and enjoy in the titlebar all those precious Quick Access icons that make your work so much easier!