Create HDR images, even with several automatic corrections, using Picturenaut

Picturenaut is a free application for HDR imaging. It will help you create High Dynamic Range images from bracketed exposures. Select the input images and Picturenaut will blend them into an HDR image with automatic exposure correction, image alignment and optional color balancing. You can tweak the result by adjusting the tone mapping. Picturenaut offers 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit modes, support for RAW images, real-time preview, custom gamma adjustments and more. It is also optimized to take advantage of multi-core processors.

HDR Formats supported: PFM (Portable Float Map) * HDR (Radiance) * EXR (OpenEXR) * TIFF (32-bit Floating Point) * TIFF (LogLuv)

LDR Formats: JPEG * TIFF (only RGB color space) * TGA (Targa) * RAW (all flavors). Picturenaut can load RAW files directly.

Automatic image alignment * Exposure correction * Color balancing * Ghost removal * RAW support * Noise level compensation * Full control over camera curve

There exists already a collection of filter plugins, including:
* Gaussian Motion Blur * Absolute HDR Calibration * Diffuse SH: spherical harmonics * Median Cut: light source extraction * MyFilter: custom convolution kernels * FakeHDRI: stretch out LDR pixel values * Physical Sky: generate procedural skies