Create plotting Postscript files ready to print or PDFs, with Veusz

Veusz (“Views”) is a free program you can use to create plotting Postscript files ready to print or PDFs. Veusz features a graphical interface and also command line and scripting (Python) options.

Note that Veusz support 2D plotting only, colorful 2D images and contours. Note also that the program aims rather at the scientific community, perhaps you’d better forget about it if you lack math and computing knowledge.

Veusz supports X-Y plots (with error bars); Images (with color mappings); Contour plots (filled/unfilled); Stepped plots (for histograms); Line plots; Function plots; Stacked plots and arrays of plots; Plot keys; Plot labels; Shapes and arrows on plots; LaTeX-like formatting for text; EPS/PNG/PDF/SVG output.

Veusz lets you import simple, CSV and FITS data, it provides scripting interface and it can be embedded within other programs.