Save your video to SWF or FLV flash, even with profiles, using Video to Flash Converter

You can use the Free Video to Flash Converter to convert your video to flash (SWF or FLV) in order to publish it on your web site or blog.

The program is easy to use. There is a field for input files, a field for an output path, and the lists with pre-configured profiles. If you want to change the theme (program skin), go to Options > Theme.

By default the output file name is the same as the input file. If you want to change it click the Output Name button. In the list of Formats select FLV or SWF. In the list of Presets select one of the available pre-configured presets.

Open the folder containing the output files and run the HTML file. Copy the code from the sample html page to your web page. Upload the following files to the same folder where your web page is: player_flv_maxi.swf, start_frame.jpg, get_video.flv and get_video.xml. Now you have a flash video on your site.