Make or solve limitless SuDoKu puzzles, with SuDoKu Cracker

SuDoKu-Cracker is a free and impressive program that makes puzzles. Its Sudoku-generator includes seven levels of difficulty and can make an infinite number of puzzles of the highest quality.

Included Help shows or solves the next step, just in case you prefer to have some help.

Puzzles created by SuDoKu-Cracker can be printed, saved, opened again and exported to HTML or RTF formats.

SuDoKu-Cracker is also a sudoku solver. You can use it to make puzzles yourself. All of the puzzles, or even puzzles from newspapers and magazines, can be solved.

To solve “AI Escargot”, world’s most difficult puzzle, SuDoKu-Cracker needed less than 50 milliseconds.