Align open windows to the screen center, sides or corners, with TicTac

You may like Windows Aero Snap, but there exist also non-microsoft alternative ways to align your windows on the screen. One of the most convenient is TicTac, called like that because of the similarity between its alignments and the Tic Tac Toe game.

Tic Tac will let you use keyboard shortcuts, a modifier you can choose along with the numeric pad keys, in order to align the active window to the screen. Positions correspond to the NumPad digits, e.g. (Win+NumPad5 will align the active window to the center, Win+NumPad7 will send it to the top left corner. Of course you need to have the NumPad activated (pressing the NumLock key).

The alignment won’t have any influence on the size of a window. This makes TicTac very different from Aero Snap, unable to let you immediately view both windows side by side without overlaps or gaps, but able to let you arrange them without messing with their size and content.

Tic Tac works only on a single monitor setup and it can not be used to align several windows at once, bring them all to the center, etc.