Learn the Command Prompt, with DiamondCS Console Tools

DiamondCS Freeware Console Tools will help you exploit the power of the Command Prompt.

SYSTEM: CmdLine reveals the commandline parameters of all processes.  FolderMon A powerful monitoring program that allows you to see all (or specific) file activity in a folder & subfolders, or even an entire drive! DelayExec allows you to start programs in a pre-execution state of suspension, where the process is loaded but code isn’t initially executed. Procs Complete process control listing (with full paths and process IDs), terminating, and module enumeration. Windows Complete control over all parent and child windows, including listing and modification. CPUInfo Displays a variety of information about your processor(s). Multi-CPU support, detects serial number, speed, name, features and more. Drivers Lists all drivers on the system. Full image paths and base addresses are shown. ErrorDesc converts any decimal or hexadecimal number (or range) into their respective error descriptions.

NETWORK: OpenPorts reveals which processes are behind the TCP and UDP network ports on your system. HTTPGet Download files from HTTP/FTP servers from the command line! RemCache Allows you to view and even remove individual cached webpages from Internet Explorer’s cache. Whois allows you to see important information about domain registrations, such as ownership and business information. Adapters Displays information about all network adapters. Details include MAC address, Description, IP addresses, DHCP info and more. GetIP Connects to the Internet to obtain your real Internet IP address. EnumIPs Displays all local IP addresses, including broadcast and net mask details.

And much more!

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