Download Happy Note games, to learn and practise music

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Happy Note games is a collection of free games that will help you learn the musical notes.

In the “Notes in Space” game, the duration indicated by a spaceship (whole, half, quarter) must match the duration of the note you’re shooting at. When you hit a whole note, it splits into 2 half notes; when you hit a half note, it splits into 2 quarter notes; When 2 quarter notes collide with each other, they turn into 1 half note. When 2 half notes collide with each other, they turn into 1 whole note. At the start of each game, you must answer a multiple choice mini-quiz on note durations. Your answer will determine how many lives you start the game with. You have the option to have the game display or not the duration of each note you hit.

You can download just one or all of these games for free!

Notes in Space“, “Treble Clef and Bass Clef“, “Tetris“, “Play It By Ear“, “Breakout Note Cracker

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