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Hide or Show easily all your desktop gadgets, with Gadgibility

Gadgibility (from Gadgets and Visibility) is a light and free program you can use whenever you need to make all of your desktop gadgets disappear instantly.

Right click the icon of Gadgibility at the system tray and select the “Gadgibility” option, or use a shortcut key you can define (the default one is Ctrl+Shift+G).

Hiding your Gadgets with Gadgibility will keep their settings — it is not the same as “closing” the gadgets. They may not show up on the Desktop, but their configuration remains intact. Note that when you restart Windows your gadgets are always revealed.

Gadgibility is a great working freeware, that you will appreciate very much if you need to hide your gadgets often, in order to test or enjoy wallpapers, hide information from visitors, etc.

You can use Gadgibility also to restart your gadgets easily whenever some of them fail to start properly.

The program is absolutely safe and free from viruses, and is now updated to work not only on Windows 7, but also on Windows 10. You can get (free) the updated version from this page.

Note that the first time you execute the “Gadgibility” command to hide your gadgets you need to run Gadgibility twice. After that Gadgibility works as a simple toggle key: run it to reveal your gadgets, run it again to hide them, etc.

Extract all files in the same folder, and create a shortcut to the executable. Press Win+R, type shell:Common Startup and press Enter. Copy to the Startup folder the shortcut you created before. You need also to make sure that the program folder and files have write permissions.

Gadgibility PAD (XML) file

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