Automatically type messages and click many times, with Auto Clicker Typer

I have a program that displays information on several screens, but when you are at e.g. screen 38, there is no bookmarking option, so that each time I open it I have to pass through all 37 screens one by one in order to reach again screen 38.

This made me search for a program that would click a button for me as many times as necessary.

RuneScape Auto Clicker has a start button (and hot key) to let you start auto clicking. When you do what you want, there is another button (and hot key) to stop auto clicking. Click speed can be configured.

Auto Typer (included in the same program) lets you pre-type (or paste) some messages, and the program will type them one by one in the editor (or other location that permits typing) in a speed you define.