Be notified automatically for new mail in Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc., using Howard

If you use or more Web based email services, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc., you will find this little freeware very useful.

Howard is able to check automatically at intervals you define (from 30 sec. to 120 min.) your email accounts and send you notifications if new mail messages are found. The program lets you also check manually for new mail whenever you want.

Howard is light, absolutely free, easy to use, and non intrusive; it works unnoticed, minimized in the Windows system tray. When it finds new message in your email account(s) it plays a sound (custom or not), and it pops up a notification that includes also sender and subject of the message. If you click this notification, you go straight to your inbox, you don’t need to run your browser or Windows Mail manually yourself.

Howard is useful and convenient if you happen to use webmail accounts.