Normalize Winamp volume on the fly, even with profiles, using RockSteady plugin

RockSteady is a free winamp volume normalizer plugin.

It will monitor the volume level and automatically adjust it so that all songs (or portions of them) sound at approximately the same level.

RockSteady works pretty well, without excessive distortion, without missing all the dynamics of a song, and with a lot of configuration options.

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5 Responses

  1. Márcio says:

    In the Winamp forum I found a native configuration that makes the addition of a plugin unnecessary: in Winamp go to Options > preferences > playlist > playback > Replay Gain > tick Use Replay Gain box then > amplification mode : normalize, uncheck : ask before writing Replay Gain to analyzed files. Close.

  2. Thanks for the tip Marcio. The problem is that this means Winamp will have to analyze each file in order to decide amplification levels. For an audio collection with a lot of files, or if one doesn’t even want the files to be edited with Replay Gain information, a plugin is absolutely better, because it works immediately (on the fly) and doesn’t change the files themselves.

  3. novica says:

    downloaded plug-in, i have one question : do i have to configure plug-in manually or leave it with default settings ?
    i just want to normalize different volume levels in playlist ….

  4. RockSteady works immediately, without the need of further configuration. However, if you open its settings you will find options (even 4 ready-made modes) to configure it as you like. Going from soft to hard compression, makes the sound more flat. Usually the “default” mode works best.

  5. novica says:

    thank you !