Search in Windows Explorer by size

Windows Explorer is more powerful than it seems. Writing the word size at the Search Box of Windows Explorer will give some default filters, to find small, large, medium… files. But you can fine tune your search.

For example, let’s say you need to find in a folder and its sub-folders all files smaller or larger than a specific size not included in the default options of Explorer’s filters — e.g. smaller than 2 MB or larger than 2 MB, etc.; you can do it easily.

Press F3 to put the cursor inside the Search Box of Windows Explorer; then write (without the quotes) “size:<5mb

This will give you all files up to the limit of 5 MB. To find files larger than 5 MB write “size:>5mb“. More than this, you can also search for sizes in KB or GB — and for decimals (3.5 MB, etc). Enjoy!