How to filter and search MP3 files according to bitrate in Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer 10 (perhaps older versions too) lets you search inside folders using a massive collection of operators. One of the most useful is the bitrate operator, in case you need to locate quickly mp3 files of a particular quality.

For example, if you want to search for all your mp3 files in a folder that are encoded in a bitrate higher than 192 kbps, you would write at the search box of Windows Explorer

bitrate:>192 kbps

To search for mp3 files of a quality lower than 192 kbps, perhaps to delete them, you would write

bitrate:<191 kbps

Notice that I don’t have any space between the operator and the number. Notice also that I write 191, since I’d like to keep this quality and delete whatever else I find: <192 means lower or equal with 192, therefore search results would include all 192 bitrate files.

Finally, do not neglect to write the kbps specification. E.g. writing bitrate:<191 will not give you any results at all, while writing >191 will give you wrong results!

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