Monitor the traveling and clicks of your mouse with OdoPlus

OdoPlus is a free, small and portable application that will help you track the distance your mouse pointer travels on the screen, know how often you click each mouse button and in which part of the desktop.

Features: Tracks overall and intermediate distance * Click counts for left, right, center buttons * It supports wheel mice * Graphical click distribution view * It needs about 500K of RAM

The author of this freeware says that it is addictive but useless. I won’t agree with this critique! Knowing how much you use your mouse in terms of distance and clicks may be useful if you suffer from related diseases.

It can also be useful in determining how long you will be enjoying your mouse, since most mouse companies reveal after how many clicks the mouse becomes useless. Can you offer more uses for mouse monitoring programs? You are welcome to write them below, at the comments.