Increase or decrease the volume of your movies, even in batch mode, with BS FAG

BS FAG is a free program that lets you change automatically the volume level (not the dynamics, it won’t “normalize” the sound) of one or more video files. What a great disappointment to have those great movies that are so “silent”… you can’t hear a thing although you turned the volume all the way up!

You don’t need a video editor to amend the volume of any of your movies, just use this nice little tool. BS FAG is fast (a high quality 2 hours video needed about 9 minutes) and easy to use, and it supports all common video formats, and more, such as AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, WMV…

The program is able to prevent clipping, if you decide to go for real high volume levels (the default is 90 db). Just don’t forget to keep a backup of your file(s), just in case, or let BS FAG leave the original files intact and create new copies.

Note that BS FAG won’t change your file if its initial check reveals that it’s already at the level you want.

Download BS FAG