Make HTML photo galleries with Web Album Generator

Web Album Generator is a free and easy to use program that will let you create html (web) pages with thumbnails of your photos linked to larger versions, including tables of contents. You can customize the creation of your gallery in many ways, but note also, that the program will add an advertisement link at the bottom of all your pages.

Features: Automatic thumbnail creation * Photo resizing / resampling * Photo rotation * Type titles and captions in any language * Customizable photo album presentation * Drag and drop image support * Add captions and titles for each photo * No knowledge of HTML required * XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0 compliant

Web Album Generator saves your album data in two different ways. First, it creates a special “.alb” file that contains information about the photographs in your album, their titles and captions, various album settings (such as what navigation options you’ve specified), etc. The second way it saves your data is by creating HTML and JPG files for viewing on the World Wide Web.

It’s important to save your album in both ways — and Web Album Generator does this for you automatically when you generate your album. When you’d like to modify an existing album, you should open the “.alb” file and make the necessary changes. You’ll then have to re-generate to reflect those changes in your website. — Saving an album is different from generating it. Generating your album will create the HTML, CSS, and JPG files necessary to view it on the web.