Create a menu for your USB drive to open programs and documents easily, with SyMenu

SyMenu is a free utility you can put on your USB drive (no need to install it, since it’s portable) and enjoy a custom menu for the contents of that drive. If you don’t use SyMenu for a movable drive, you still have it on your PC as a regular launcher.

SyMenu places its icon at the Windows’ system tray where you are able to access the USB drive menu. You can place whatever document or application to this menu by browsing to them or dragging and dropping them to SyMenu.

To better organize you custom USB drive menu you can place separators between several sections of menu items. You can even use arguments for opening particular USB drive items. SyMenu includes also automatic running of any program or document you like, shortcut import, and more.

If you are searching for a way to arm your USB drive(s) with a custom menu, SyMenu is a free program you want to try.

Download SyMenu