Hide your screen and let only a window appear, with Zorro ScreenMask

Zorro is a unique, free and portable program that will help you focus on a task when you need to, by hiding the entire screen, making it blank, except for a window of a size you can define easily with drag and drop.

Zorro can be very useful when you watch a movies without having maximized your media player in full screen, or when you read or edit a document, etc.

Especially when you try to watch a movie on line and is impossible to maximize the player, you can use Zorro to hide animated gifs on the page, or any web page part that might distract your attention, even just a bright color background. In this case you can use Zorro to place above your movie a transparent rectangle that equals the size of the movie, and have the rest of the screen dark.

The program is easy and simple. After you create a window of any size you need and place it wherever you need at the screen, click the “File > Activate” option to make the rest of the screen dark as a deep night. Clicking
First adjust Zorro’s window to the dimensions you like in order to see whatever you want to show up, then select the “Activate” command from the File menu. If you click on the dark space and press the Escape button, you return to normal view.