Track project time with Cratchit TimeTool

Cratchit TimeTool for Windows allows you to keep track of your projects. Basically, it amounts to a time clock. 

Cratchit TimeTool “works” even when it’s turned off. If you click on the exit button after you’ve started the clock on any particular task, it saves the current state of the program, and when you start it up again it displays the accrued time as if it were never turned off. This allows you to carry it around on a stick and use it whether you are at your desk, at home, or in the computer lab. Used in this way, TimeTool consumes no resources whatsoever unless you’re interacting with it.

You don’t have to stop a task to start another one; it only accrues time to one project at a time, so starting a task automatically ends the last task. It allows multiple tasks with the same project number. You can use this to track sub-tasks of a single project, then roll these together in your spreadsheet when you’re calculating your time per client. You can export to a comma separated variable file. This can be imported to most spreadsheets and databases, and is readable by any text editor.

Cratchit TimeTool is simple, but not very convenient. The absence of right-click options makes it a little obscure and you will have, perhaps, difficulty, until you feel comfortable working with it.